Physical therapists(PTs) are health care professionals who evaluate and treat people with health problems which are present at birth or occur as the result of illness or injury.

In planning the physical therapy program the physical therapist reviews the patient's medical history, evaluates the patient and identifies the patient's problem(s). Physical therapists perform tests and evaluations which provide information about joint motion, strength and endurance of muscles, functional ability, status of muscle tone and reflexes, posture, appearance and stability of walking, need and use of braces, and the performance of activities required in daily living, work or sport.

Treatment includes exercise for increasing strength, endurance, coordination, range of motion and posture improvement; the use of heat, cold, electricity, ultrasound, and water to relieve pain and stimulate motor activity, and instruction in activities of daily living. Emphasis is placed on development of home exercise programs to enhance treatment outcomes and to prevent future injury after discharge from active physical therapy treatment.

Our spacious and well-equipped facilities in Vernon, NJ and Warwick, NY provide comprehensive and up to date treatment programs. Our professional staff members are dedicated, licensed individuals who regularly update their knowledge and skills through participation in continuing education programs.

For over 25 years we have provided patient-oriented services in cooperation with referring physicians with the goal of assisting people of all ages to overcome the effects of physical disability, illness and injury.

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